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Free bird……..

We’ve been super busy with a house move, but I came across this cute make from a few years ago.  Our garden is busy with lots of birds at the moment, so these lavender birds seem quite fitting!


You’ll need: Fabric, ribbon, lavender, toy filling, needle, thread, scissors, card for template, and pencil.


First draw a template, it can be quite a simple shape.  Next cut it out…


Fold your fabric in half, and pin on the fabric.  Cut out so you have two identical shapes. Put the right sides together and sew round the edge leaving a hole at the top. Turn your bird the right way and fill with the toy stuffing and lavender. Create a hanging loop with the ribbon and sew up hole – making sure the ribbon is secure.




Ta-da, awesome lavender birds!


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Ever spring flowers……….

Spring finally seems to be on its way, and the garden is starting to look like it’s coming back to life.  I’ve been looking through the archives and found this quick and easy make, that is really effective. All you need is: coloured sugar paper, straws, paint, glue, sticky tape, card egg carton, and scissors.

Cut out the egg cartons, to create little trumpets, and paint.  We used yellow, white and red acrylic paint.  Whilst drying, cut out a flower shape on the sugar paper, to add effect, we added in little creases down each petal. Using the sticky tape, attach the straw to create a stem.  Once the painted egg carton trumpet is dry, glue onto the centre of the flower, and voila….. a super quick and easy spring daffodil.





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Easy Peasy Monet…….

It may be winter outside, but in my heart is spring, the song may go, but that has been the theme in our house this week! Instead of doing some winter themed craft we put together this lovely Monet inspired painting – couldn’t be easier! Draw the outline of a tree, paint background, then bark, then scrunch and glue tissue paper to form the blossom. Voila! A beautiful Monet inspired painting Kx


Our Wonderful Monet Inspired tree




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Sewing quest……….

I have promised Leon for ages that I would teach him to use my sewing machine, and this summer I was true to my word (it only took 3 years!!). We had a bit of a design week over the summer hols, so it provided the perfect opportunity to dust off the sewing machine.  We looked at the concept of design, creating something for purpose, and I just love the design Leon came up with.  He decided to make a bag to take to the library – with a USP of a hook inside to attach his library card to, to ensure it never gets lost.


We looked at properties of materials – Leon selected a heavy, bright orange cotton twill, the reasoning being you wouldn’t be able to lose it because of how bright it is and the cotton is thick and durable and wouldn’t break easily. Leon created his own pattern, and then with much eagerness created his bag.  He then decorated it with felt – glued and tacked on. A fab first project, and something that he uses on a weekly basis. Hope you like.

SAM_6432 SAM_6433


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Over the summer to commemorate the First World War Centenary, we created a small poppy wreath made from tissue paper.  With November, and remembrance Sunday, fast approaching this is an easy yet effective make, that Leon loved making.  All you need is some paper, tissue paper, black card, scissors and glue, and a compass. On the paper create a doughnut shape ( one circle inside of another) and cut out the middle circle, then the outside one so that you are left with a ring.  Next cut and scrunch red tissue paper to form a poppy base. Glue onto the ring, then cut a small black circle out from the card and glue into the middle. Repeat until the ring is covered. We added a small piece of white paper with the words ‘lest we forget’ at the bottom of the wreath.

SAM_6518 What you will need…..

SAM_6520 Cutting and a glueing…..

SAM_6522 Concentrating……

SAM_6525 Voila……

This was a 15 minute make that was quick and easy to do. Hope you like Kx

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And so the summer madness begins…..

It’s been a while, but the creative hub of our kitchen table has been up and running again.  Whilst we are only day three into the summer hols we’ve already been so busy with planet earth week. The kitchen table has mostly been a laboratory but we have managed a few craft activities.  So far the favourite has been printing using this gorgeous run of sunshine. I picked up some light sensitive paper from amazon to create some super cool prints.  It really couldn’t be easier and the results are fab. We gathered a mixture of man made and natural objects that had interesting outlines or had pretty patterns. You basically pin on  a piece of the paper onto a piece of corrugated card, then place the objects, and expose to sunlight for 2 minutes. Then remove the objects, and place into a tray of water for approximately 1 minute. Remove,  and dry flat, simple! We loved the effect of the rib cage from leons billy bones skeleton! Kx









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Autumn apple brooch……….

I thought I’d share one of our latest makes! Leon had an inset day from school, so I got to thinking about quick and fun autumn ideas.  Leon made a fab felt apple brooch, it only took 45 minutes, and he really enjoyed making it.  What you will need: felt, wadding, brooch pin back, pattern paper, scissors, cotton and thread.


What you need’

First you need to make your pattern, by folding the pattern paper in half you get a symmetrical design. Pin this onto your felt, then cut out so that you have two apple shapes.  Now, take one of them, and sew on the brooch pin back.  Then cut out a stalk shape, we used a fun foam instead of felt to get a contrast in textures. place this in-between the two pieces of felt and pin together.

SAM_3600           SAM_3605            SAM_3607    

Pin and cut out pieces                    Sew on badge back                    Sew pieces together

Sew the two pieces together, leaving a gap at the bottom. Using the wading, lightly stuff the apple. Now, sew the gap together, and voila, an apple badge!

SAM_3608         SAM_3609         SAM_3610

     Add the wadding                            Sew the gap!                               Voila! A tasty treat!!


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A Royal Guard…….

Well, the books have come out trying to source fun autumn and Halloween makes, so whilst I find some more craft projects to begin, I thought I would share another make from Rome/London week.  This has to be one of my favourite makes! It’s very quick and easy and Leon really loved making this.  To make a Royal peg guard, you will need: a wooden peg, felt tip pen, various colours of felt, scissors, glue, trimmings and a pot or bowl.


What you will need

First, using the felt tip pen, give your guard a face – we made ours very smiley!  Next, create a hat for your guard, we used black felt.  We folded a piece of felt in half cut out our shape, then cut in half to create two identical pieces. We wanted to secure the hat onto the guard, so before gluing the two pieces of black felt together, we glued a piece of silver ribbon to either side of the base of the hat. We put this piece under the pegs head, then put lots of glue round all edges, leaving the bottom free, then placed the other piece of felt on top, and applied light pressure to secure.

                                                    SAM_2572                 SAM_2575

                                                         A smiley face!                        Gluing the pieces together

Next, you need to draw a jacket shape onto a piece of felt, we used red, that has been folded in half. Cut around your jacket shape, then cut in half, so that you have two identical jacket pieces.  Place one of the jacket pieces under the peg, apply lots of glue round the edge and place the other jacket piece on top.  Apply gentle pressure to ensure the two pieces have stuck.


Apply lots of glue to ensure the two pieces stick together

Now, using your trimmings decorate your guard – we used sequins on the shoulders and gave him some buttons, then ta-da, a finished Royal Peg Guard! We left him to dry on the yoghurt pot, and now he stands guard on my plant pot in the kitchen, my african violets are the best guarded plant in the house!!!



Well, off to source some autumn craft ideas,


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A Roman Mosaic…….

Our Roman/ London week continued with a fantastic and easy to make paper mosaic!  It has worked out quite well, as Leon’s first topic at school is ‘Romans’! All you will need is some white paper, pencil, glue stick, scissors and multi-coloured paper.


      What you need…

On your white piece of paper, or card, draw your design in a simple line drawing.  Leon chose Medusa, as that is what we had been reading about in our myths and legends book! We put ours in a circle which we drew with a compass.  Once you have your design, simply stick on your pieces of brightly coloured paper that you have cut into squares.  There doesn’t have to be any precision in the size of pieces, it makes it more fun for your little one!  It’s as simple as that, and very effective.

SAM_2454                                 SAM_2457


Drawing a circle                                    Gluing and Sticking


Ta-da! Finished mosaic!

Well, off to upload a few more pics,


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Roman/ London Week

The third week of the summer holidays seems like a lifetime ago! During this week it was Roman/ London week in our house.  We had a trip to London, and saw Tower Bridge lift, which made Leon very happy! We also did quite a few makes.  The first one we did was a quick and easy paper make.  We made a Roman Laurel Crown.  To make this, you will need: Green Card, in two shades, card to make a leaf template, a glue stick, stapler (with staples), scissors, pencil and ruler.


What you will need

Next, using the pencil and ruler, measure a band out of one sheet of card that will fit around your head – because of the size of card we used, we had to staple two bands together.

                                                 SAM_2426                             SAM_2428

                                                Draw a thick band                                Staple them together

Now you want to make a leaf template, and draw round this lots of times on the other shade of green card.  Cut them out and glue onto your band.

                                                 SAM_2432                            SAM_2437

                                                 Cutting out leaves                                 Cutting ‘n’ sticking


Then voila, a laurel crown fit to rule Rome with!



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